Russell Wilson: Seahawks moved past Super Bowl loss on Hawaii trip

RENTON, Wash. -- According to Russell Wilson, it wasn't until an April trip to Hawaii that Seahawks players finally put last season's Super Bowl loss behind them.

Sports Illustrated detailed the visit, which involved players and their families traveling together for a seven-day gathering in Maui. On the last night of the trip, the players held a 45-minute meeting and aired their grievances.

"I think a lot of guys got over it at different times," Wilson said Tuesday after practice. "I think ultimately when we got together in Maui and experienced one another, felt one another in the sense of our energy and our focus before one another and what we were gonna do -- when we threw all the other stuff off the cliff kind of deal into the ocean there in Maui, and just focused on what we're gonna do to move forward and how we're gonna focus on each other and how we're gonna build one another up and how we're gonna try to win a lot of football games and continue to do the same thing. I mean, we were on the 1-yard line, you know? We don't need to change much. So I think that's kind of our focus."

Part of the issue was that a division had started to form between the offense and the defense. Instead of planning a trip with just some of his receiving weapons, as he'd done in the past, Wilson included the defensive players this offseason.

"Sometimes, you never want it to be this way, but it's offense versus defense," wide receiver Doug Baldwin told SI. "That's natural. But, yes, there was tension. ... People thinking we should have done this, we should have done that [in the Super Bowl]. There were a lot of questions that needed to be answered. And a lot that needed to be asked."

Asked Tuesday whether the team has moved on and is over the Super Bowl loss, Wilson said: "Yeah, I definitely think so. By the way we work, by the way that we've been preparing, there's no signs of any slowing down."