Five things to know about NFL cut-down day

With 53-man rosters finalized across the NFL on Saturday -- go here for in-depth breakdowns for all 32 teams -- here are five things you should know:

1. Just when you think you've made it: Tim Tebow's attempted comeback seemingly received a huge boost Friday when the Philadelphia Eagles traded Matt Barkley. One Philly paper, assuming Tebow had won a roster spot, anointed him the No. 3 quarterback. File that with "Dewey Beats Truman." The ever-unpredictable Chip Kelly had other ideas, releasing the popular Tebow on Saturday. It means Tebow has been released by three teams in the past 30 months.

2. It's a cold, cold business: Devon Still is gone, but he'll never be forgotten in Cincinnati. The backup defensive lineman, whose daughter, Leah, touched our hearts with her brave fight against cancer, was cut by the Bengals. The team stood by him during the toughest times, showing compassion seldom seen in the corporate world of sports, but it's a winning business -- and the Bengals felt Still wasn't good enough on the field. The classy Still thanked the team and the city on Instagram, saying they "helped me through one of the darkest times in my life and I am forever grateful."

3. From king of the castle, to an unemployed Cassel: When Matt Cassel was traded to the Buffalo Bills last March, he was immediately tabbed as the likely starting quarterback. Uh, not exactly. His reign, if you could call it that, seemed shorter than that of the immortal J.P. Losman. Cassel tumbled down the depth chart, overtaken by Tyrod Taylor and EJ Manuel -- hardly a dynamic duo. Cassel had a decent preseason, but it still resulted in a pink slip from the new boss in town, Rex Ryan.

4. The biggest cut that never happened: Robert Griffin III still is employed by the Washington Redskins. Despite intense speculation about his future, the demoted RG III reportedly will remain on the roster for the remainder of the season. But don't expect the palace intrigue to cease any time soon.

5. How to handle a firing: Of all the players who lost their job, Matt Flynn offered the spiciest response. Shortly after being cut by the New York Jets, he poured himself a Bloody Mary, complete with bacon strips, olives, celery and a lemon. He tweeted a photo of the libation, saying, "For now, it's #bloodymary time." It's easier to swallow bad news when you've made $18 million in your career. Cheers, Matt.