Marshawn Lynch supports absent Kam Chancellor

RENTON, Wash. -- Marshawn Lynch decided to show support for his teammate Thursday afternoon, appearing at Seahawks practice wearing a blue No. 31 Kam Chancellor jersey.

Embroiled in a holdout against the Seahawks, Chancellor took notice of Lynch's gesture Thursday, retweeting a photo of the running back sent out by the Seahawks' official Twitter account and thanking Lynch on Instagram.

My mans always stay 100. Preciate the support. real recognize real.. #NoHollywood #WeKnowTheTruth #AlwaysGotMyBack

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Chancellor is holding out in hopes that the organization will restructure his contract. He is expected to miss Sunday's opener against the St. Louis Rams, which will result in the loss of a game check worth $267,647.

Pete Carroll said Wednesday that he was disappointed the Chancellor situation had reached its current status. Defensive coordinator Kris Richard said he is in constant contact with Chancellor, is encouraged by the situation and would be surprised if Chancellor sat out the majority of the season.

"There will be a resolution," Richard said. "... He's involved, he's with us, he's still here. He's taking his stand, and we're just waiting to get him back."

Asked whether he did a double take when he saw a player in a Chancellor jersey, Richard said, "Just not as tall. But he is as wide and as thick and powerful.

"It's just a testament to the closeness of our locker room and how much each and every single guy means to one another. So that was pretty cool."

Cornerback Richard Sherman was asked this week whether his feelings toward Chancellor will change at any point.

"No, you just keep supporting," Sherman said. "He's still a friend; he's still a teammate, and you support him. You understand that he's sacrificed and he's done what he had to do to get to this point, so you continue to support him. Obviously it's a tough spot for him to be in, but that's all you can do."