Steelers coach Mike Tomlin ready to put headset issue to rest

Mike Tomlin stirred the discussion about headset interference issues in Gillette Stadium, and now he's ready to end it.

The Steelers coach told local media Tuesday that he's satisfied with the league's explanation of what happened in last Thursday's 28-21 loss to the Patriots, when Steelers coaches heard the Patriots Radio Network broadcast over their headsets for much of the first quarter.

"Really, that's it for us," Tomlin said.

Satisfied wasn't a term that could be used to describe Tomlin after the Week 1 loss, as he pointed out in his postgame news conference that the issue was nothing new.

"That's always the case," Tomlin said that night of playing at New England. "Yes. I said what I said."

The NFL reviewed the matter Friday and cleared the Patriots of any wrongdoing, attributing the incident to "an electrical issue made worse by the inclement weather." League spokesman Michael Signora said the problem "involved no manipulation by any individual."

The Steelers decided not to file a formal complaint with the league, a conclusion Tomlin said he had no part in reaching.

"I made the comments after the game, and we cooperated with the league," Tomlin said about the league's inspection.

Apparently electrical issues affecting coaches' communication have happened before. Rams coach Jeff Fisher said he'd experienced past interference problems in Oakland. Of course, that didn't help the Steelers last week.

"I don't worry about what goes on in other stadiums," Tomlin said. "I'm really just worried about what goes on in ours. It was an issue for us."