J.J. Watt, shirtmaker Mizzen+Main strike endorsement deal

It's not surprising that J.J. Watt has had some issues finding the perfect dress shirt.

So when the 6-foot-5, 290-pound defensive end for the Houston Texas put on a Mizzen+Main shirt, it was love at first feel.

"I've never been a big fan of dressing up because it can be uncomfortable and hot, especially here in Houston," Watt told ESPN.com. "But now I actually kind of look forward to it. I wore Mizzen+Main once, it kept me comfortable and cool, and was hooked."

"We were looking for someone to help accelerate the growth of our brand," said Kevin Lavelle, CEO of Dallas-based Mizzen+Main, which has grown 500 percent year over year since its founding in July 2012. "J.J. is arguably the biggest name in football right now, and the inquiries he gets from businesses are off the charts. Given how selective he has to be, we are honored that he has become part of our team."'

As part of the endorsement deal, Watt will receive an undisclosed equity share of the business, which sells its dress shirts for $125 and polos for $80.

"Having an ownership stake is exciting to me because of how much I believe in the product and the people behind it," said Watt, who wears an XXL unaltered off the rack. "Mizzen+Main is the real deal."

Watt's endorsement deals include Reebok, American Family Insurance, Verizon, Gatorade, Reliant and HEB.

Investors in the company, which makes its products in the United States, include Zappos founder Tony Hsieh's Vegas Tech Fund and Navy SEAL Marcus Lutrell.