DeAndre Levy remains out, and Lions won't say when he'll return

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- The Detroit Lions still are not providing details about a hip injury to star outside linebacker DeAndre Levy, who remains out and hasn't practiced in nearly a month.

Lions coach Jim Caldwell would not say Friday how Levy's injury occurred, when it happened or when the team might anticipate his return. Levy's injury is listed on past league reports simply as "hip."

Asked about an unsourced report from the Detroit Sports Rag that suggested Levy contracted a parasite during the offseason, Caldwell said, "I don't address rumors and innuendo."

Joe Panos, Levy's agent, told the NFL Network that the report is "100 percent false." Panos did not immediately return messages from ESPN.

Caldwell has remained steadfast in not discussing players' injuries or how they occurred. He said he doesn't offer details or timelines because those are areas for doctors, not coaches, to handle and that he doesn't want to give information that might be inaccurate.

When asked why the Lions did not use the injured reserve/designated to return tag on Levy for the first half of the season, Caldwell said the Lions have "a little bit more information" than the media and public has. Caldwell would not say whether the team is concerned Levy might miss a significant amount of time.

"If anybody's listed on our report, anything can happen," Caldwell said.