Ex-Texan Andre Johnson scores first two touchdowns as Colts beat

HOUSTON -- Receiver Andre Johnson picked the perfect time to catch his first touchdown as a member of the Indianapolis Colts.

Johnson, who has struggled in his first season in Indianapolis, caught a 4-yard touchdown and a 2-yard touchdown from quarterback Matt Hasselbeck in the Colts' 27-20 win over the Houston Texans on Thursday.

"A lot of people probably thought this was a 'get back' game for me or something like that," Johnson said. "It was never like that. I just wanted to use my role. I was involved a lot more and I was able to go out and make the best of my opportunities."

Johnson spent his first 12 seasons in the NFL with the Texans before being released in the offseason after the team didn't feel like he was a starter anymore.

"It was never personal," Johnson said. "I know the nature of this business. I always said if the greatest player of all time, Jerry Rice, can be released, then it's going to happen eventually if you play long enough. I never had any ill will towards the Texans."

Johnson's transition to Indianapolis has not been smooth. Johnson entered Thursday with only seven receptions for 51 yards on the season. He surpassed his yards total in game, as he finished with 77 yards, and he nearly surpassed his reception total, as he finished six catches.

"Everyone knows Andre Johnson can play," Hasselbeck said. "The dude's for real. That's never wavered for us. I think it's like fantasy football sends people into panic mode. He's a great player."