Martha Ford is 'absolutely' in charge of Lions, Bill Ford Jr. says

Detroit Lions vice chairman Bill Ford Jr. said Friday on WJR Radio that his mother, owner Martha Ford, is in full control of the franchise.

Bill Ford Jr. said he has had less to do with the franchise since the death of his father, William Clay Ford Sr., last year.

"She is [in charge]," Bill Ford Jr. said Friday. "She is, and since my dad died, I've been less involved with the Lions and the NFL. She is very much in charge, and she's got the decision-making role."

He serves on the NFL's Broadcasting Committee and is listed as one of the four vice chairs of the Lions, along with his three sisters.

This is in contrast to when his father was the owner of the team. Back then, he had more of a presence around the franchise, including meeting with receiver Golden Tate before he signed with the team in 2014.

Martha Ford, 90, was at the owners meetings and made every road trip during the 2014 season. Earlier this week, Lions coach Jim Caldwell said she was not happy with the batted ball non-call against Seattle and had spoken with the league about it.

Martha Ford has not spoken to the media that covers the Lions since June 16, the last time a Ford family member had spoken to the media that covers the Lions. It is the only time she has spoken with the media since taking over ownership of the franchise.

There were questions after William Ford Sr.'s death about the roles of Bill Ford Jr. and Martha Ford within the organization even though Martha Ford was listed as the owner. So Bill Ford Jr. cleared that up by saying his mother is in charge.

"She is in charge," he said on the Paul W. Smith show. "She absolutely is. Since my father passed away over a year ago, my mother is in charge, and she makes all the decisions."

The Lions are 0-4, the last winless team in the NFL this season. In the Super Bowl era, the Lions have won only one playoff game and have never played in a Super Bowl.