Giants TE Daniel Fells released from hospital after treatment for MRSA

The New York Giants on Tuesday announced that tight end Daniel Fells has been released from the Hackensack University Medical Center, where he'd been receiving treatment for a MRSA infection since Oct. 2.

Fells' release is extremely positive news for the player, who had reason to fear for his life and faced the possibility of his foot being amputated when he was initially diagnosed with the serious, antibiotic-resistant staph infection. He has had seven surgeries to try to remove the infection and prevent its spread, and he is scheduled to have at least two more. But his doctors believe they have the infection under control to a sufficient extent that he can go home, be with his family and allow his foot to heal from the surgeries he's already had before they schedule the next one.

In future surgeries, doctors will continue to clean out the infected areas of Fells' foot to ensure that the MRSA does not return, and it's likely he'll also have plastic surgery at some point to address the physical appearance and structure of his foot, which is heavily scarred and stitched because of the procedures he's had.

Fells was placed on season-ending injured reserve when he was diagnosed, and it's almost certain his football career is over at the age of 32. The Giants have been keeping tabs on his condition, with coaches and trainers in daily contact with him and his wife. They dedicated their Week 5 victory over the 49ers to Fells and presented him with a game ball via Skype the next day.