Jeff Fisher takes blame for slump, says critics of team effort 'can kiss my ass'

CINCINNATI -- After the St. Louis Rams dropped their fourth consecutive game in 31-7 blowout fashion to the Cincinnati Bengals, coach Jeff Fisher made it clear their effort should not be in question.

"Anyone implies that it's an effort issue, they can kiss my ass," Fisher said. "There's no effort problems on this team. That's what happens when teams lose four in a row is people say it's effort. Come to practice, watch this team play, and ask any other opponent or opposing coach. It's not an effort issue right now.

"It's execution. It's 70 percent offense and 30 percent defense. I'll leave [special] teams out of it. Our teams always play hard."

The Rams fell to 4-7 with the loss, and a once-promising 4-3 start has turned into a monthlong spiral that has the Rams on the outside looking in on the postseason for the 11th straight year.

After the latest loss, Fisher answered just a handful of questions and left when two reporters were beginning to ask a question. Fisher's final response came when he was asked if he was doing a good enough job coaching the team.

"I've lost four in a row, so no," Fisher said. "That's not acceptable, but we're going to keep working at it. We've got to get more production on offense."

Rams cornerback Lamarcus Joyner also believes the players are making an effort.

"We're definitely still playing tough and coaching hard," he said. "We're still going hard as an organization. Sometimes in life, things just don't go your way. It doesn't mean the effort is not there or the pride or the love."

Since Fisher arrived in 2012, the Rams are 24-34-1, and their record has gotten worse in each year since a 7-8-1 mark in Fisher's first season.

"That losing just brings out extra motivation," running back Todd Gurley said. "Even though you're losing you have still got to play hard, still got to prepare the same. Just because everything doesn't look good down the road doesn't mean you can just give up."