Mike Pettine says he has 'very good relationship' with Johnny Manziel

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BEREA, Ohio -- Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine said there is nothing personal between him and quarterback Johnny Manziel.

"I think we have a very good relationship," Pettine said Thursday. "We talk about a lot of things, joke about a lot of things non-football related. I have that relationship with a lot of the guys, and he's one.

"I've heard that, that people paint that as he's not 'my guy' and I wasn't involved in picking him and just all of the things that come with that, and that's just simply not the case."

Pettine said the only time he's seriously disagreed with Manziel was the bye week video of Manziel in Austin, Texas, and Manziel's actions that followed. That led to Manziel being demoted to third team and regaining the job this week when the Browns play the San Francisco 49ers.

When Pettine announced the decision to demote Manziel, he said he was pulling for the quarterback and the disagreement was not personal. He re-emphasized that point this week.

"Outside of the incident, there hasn't really been anything else of consequence for us to be off of the same page ..." Pettine said. "I know we had a setback and I had to step back for a minute and do what I had to do, but like I said, we feel like we're moving forward from it."

On Wednesday, Manziel seemed a little defiant when asked if he felt the discipline involved in moving him to third team was appropriate.

"In Coach Pettine's mind, he thought that that was necessary to get a harsh point across to me," Manziel said. "Did I like it? No. Did I have to sit there with a bad taste in my mouth and accept the consequences for my actions? Sure."

Offensive coordinator John DeFilippo said there will be pressure on Manziel the final four games of the season and how he reacts will be "telling."

"We are going to see how Johnny handles this last situation," DeFilippo said. "I'll be honest, there's some pressure on him to do what he says he's going to do. There's no doubt about it."