Steelers' Cody Wallace won't get suspension for hit

PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh Steelers center Cody Wallace will not be suspended for his late helmet hit on Broncos safety David Bruton Jr. in Sunday's 34-27 win, but was fined $23,152, according to sources.

The $23,152 figure is the standard fine for a hit on a defenseless player.

Wallace said a fine was justified and his play was "reckless." He stressed he was trying to help teammate.

"I was in the wrong," Wallace said.

With 1:49 left in the first quarter, Antonio Brown was being tackled after a reception when Broncos defensive end Malik Jackson hit Brown from the side. Wallace took exception to the hit and lunged into the play. Wallace said after the game that "their guy kind of took a shot at AB, so we really couldn't let that fly," according to Triblive.com.

Guard David DeCastro said Wednesday that he respects Wallace's efforts to be a good teammate but hits on players is a "fine line."

"You're trying to do what you can to protect [a player]," DeCastro said. "You've got to hone it in a little bit. ... It's hard to find that line. Not saying it's easy."

Wallace's hit came shortly after Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. took a helmet shot on Panthers cornerback Josh Norman. Beckham was suspended after fighting with Norman for much of the game, while Norman will be fined more than $26,000 for his role, according to an ESPN report.

On Monday, Bruton called the hit "dirty.''

"Everyone is making a big deal out of Odell [Beckham's] deal, but it's nothing on [Wallace]. I'm pretty sure my head was down, the play was over, whistle blown," Bruton said, according to USA Today Sports. "Heck, I didn't go in there and shoot at his guy.

"That's just what they do. They're dirty. He left his feet trying to take me out."

Brown said he appreciates a teammate sticking up for him, even if Wallace's move was what he calls "feisty."

"He's a great teammate," Brown said.