Tom Brady says the Chiefs 'force you into a lot of bad football'

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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said it's no surprise that the Kansas City Chiefs have won 11 straight games entering Saturday's divisional-round playoff game between the teams, as he sees a "winning formula" in the streak.

It's the same formula that led the Patriots to lose to the Chiefs 41-14 in late September of the 2014 season.

"They force you into a lot of bad football," Brady said Monday in his weekly appearance on sports radio WEEI. "And they have guys offensively [so they can] control the clock, they run the ball a lot. They have a very good quarterback [Alex Smith] who plays very efficiently. That's what they did to us, and that's been a winning formula for a long time."

The Chiefs posted a plus-14 turnover differential in the regular season, which ranked second best in the NFL. Their 29 takeaways were the fourth most in the league, while their 15 giveaways were the second fewest.

"They play very good defense, they rush the quarterback, they get ahead, they play on their terms," Brady said on WEEI. "They do a lot of things effectively, and schematic-wise, they present problems for an offense.

"Then if you get a little hesitant back there as a quarterback, they force you into mistakes. They have a lot of playmakers on defense ... so you really can't fall asleep for one play or else it's a turnover, and if it's a turnover, they turn those into points. Then you get behind and it's a one-dimensional game, and it just snowballs. That's the kind of team they are ... so we have to figure out a formula to beat them."

Brady added that there was plenty to digest from watching the Chiefs' convincing 30-0 victory over the Houston Texans in the wild-card round.

"When your whole season is on the line, every call is critical, and the players who are out there playing, that's who they trust the most; the calls they are making, those are the calls they trust the most. I think you learn a lot from a game, even though it was 30-0," he said on WEEI.

"Obviously, Houston didn't play really well. I think Kansas City forced them into a lot of bad football, but that's what Kansas City has done a great job of all year. They've forced teams, whoever they played down the stretch -- they've won 11 straight -- all of them into making a lot of bad plays.

"When you watch that game a couple days ago, that's really how they've won most of their games. They look all very similar. There are a lot of offensive mistakes, Kansas City does a great job protecting the ball and taking advantage of their scoring opportunities. They have a good rush, a good front. That's the mark of a good team, and that's why they're at this point."