Ray Rice to coach, advise players at NFLPA Collegiate Bowl

Ray Rice's on-and-off field coaching lessons (1:22)

Former Ravens RB Ray Rice joins ESPN's Quint Kessenich to talk about what it means to him to coach at the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl and why it is so important for him to teach the younger players about life choices off the field. (1:22)

Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is on Mike Martz's coaching staff for the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl as a co-running backs coach with former Kansas City Chiefs running back Priest Holmes.

Martz will coach the National Team. Mike Holmgren is the coach of the American Team. The teams will hold practices Tuesday through Thursday this week, with the game to be played Saturday in Carson, California, at the StubHub Center on the California State University Dominguez Hills campus.

Rice, 28, has been out of the NFL since he was released by the Ravens in September 2014 after a video emerged of him punching his then-fiancée Janay Palmer, who is now married to the three-time Pro Bowl player.

The Collegiate Bowl is for draft-eligible college players. In the week leading up to the game, the union offers an introduction to its role in the league and gives advice on the business side of the NFL. Current and former players, like Rice, are given a platform to educate young players based on their experiences.

In an interview with SportsCenter in November, Rice said he has been talking to young players about not making the same mistakes he did and that he'd like "to do something with the NFL" to help spread that message.

"I honestly would hope so," Rice said. "I think the NFL has such a huge platform, and I've seen the platform I had when I was playing, when I would go out and help people. I go out now, and I don't have an NFL platform, but I'm going out there and helping people out. So if I never played a down again, why not see if I could use their platform to go out there and help make a difference?

"Young rookies, anybody in college ... I want to be able to spread all of my experiences to help other people, to make them understand that domestic violence is not OK, not even one time."

The two coaches' full coaching staffs are below:

American Team

  • Head coach, Mike Holmgren

  • Offensive coordinator, Gil Haskell

  • Defensive coordinator, Jim Lind

  • Special teams coach, Nolan Cromwell

  • Offensive line coach, Steve Hutchinson

  • Running backs coach, Carnell "Cadillac" Williams

  • Tight ends coach, Keith Gilbertson

  • Inside wide receivers coach, Mike Wilson

  • Outside wide receivers coach, Matthew Hatchette

  • Defensive line coaches, Larry Brooks and Steve Ellison

  • Linebackers coach, Larry MacDuff

  • Safeties / defensive backs coach, Chip Vaughn

  • Cornerbacks coach, Darrell Green

  • Coaching interns, Clint Sintim and Samie Parker

National Team

  • Head coach, Mike Martz

  • Offensive coordinator, John Ramsdell

  • Defensive coordinator, Ron Meeks

  • Special teams coach, Jeff Robinson

  • Offensive line coaches, Jackie Slater and Dan Price

  • Running backs coaches, Priest Holmes and Ray Rice

  • Tight ends coach, Dave Ogas

  • Inside wide receivers Coach, Az-Zahir Hakim

  • Outside wide receivers coach, Andre Reed

  • Defensive line coach, Jeff Zgonina

  • Linebackers coach, Michael Merriweather

  • Safeties / defensive backs coach, Keith Lyle

  • Cornerbacks coach, Ron Lynn

  • Coaching intern, Gerald McGrath