First look at 'Super Bowl Babies' commercial

When leagues advertise in their own championship game broadcast, they rarely do anything memorable. That will change with Super Bowl 50 and the NFL's 60-second "Super Bowl Babies" spot.

The ad, which will air at the end of the third quarter, is an extension of the league's "Football Is Family" campaign.

"We wanted to do something that stuck with the theme that also captured the excitement of the game," NFL chief marketing officer Dawn Hudson said. "Since it was Super Bowl 50, we also charged our ad firm (Grey New York) to help us look back a little bit while having an optimistic look forward to the future."

Grey came back with a literal interpretation on the "Football Is Family" theme by proposing a spot that featured babies from fans who might have conceived after their team won the big one.

Through casting calls with eight teams throughout the decades -- Packers (1960s), Steelers ('70s), 49ers ('80s), Cowboys ('90s), Buccaneers (2003), Colts (2007), Giants (2012) and Seahawks (2014) -- Grey was able to find fans who, based on their birthdays the following fall, might have been the product of their parents' love on Super Bowl night.

If you can get past the thinking about the "whoopee" part, it's an outstanding spot with the children of Super Bowls past signing new lyrics to Seal's "Kissed By A Rose."

"We hope after the ad, that there's a conversation that we generate," Hudson said. "We think there will be some people who will say, 'Wait, I was born in the October or November after my parents' team won. Am I a Super Bowl baby?'"