$13 beer?! How much everything costs at Super Bowl 50

Two hours before Super Bowl 50, the cheapest ticket on StubHub was a cool $3,000. And once you get into the stadium, it doesn't get much cheaper.

It'll cost at least $13 to enjoy a cold one at the big game. That's the price for a 16-ounce souvenir can -- or a 20-ounce draft in a souvenir cup -- of Bud Light. If high-end beer is your thing, there are plenty of options at Super Bowl 50: Anchor Steam, Lagunitas IPA and 10 Barrel, among others, all of which cost $15 for a draft. These prices will come as a shock to some Carolina fans used to the $5 beers at Panthers home games this season.

Hungry? Hope you have a big budget. A pretzel goes for $8, and a bag of peanuts will set you back $7.

In addition to $20 lobster mac and cheese, $15 popcorn and an $11 jumbo hot dog, this slice of pizza costs $10

Looking for some gear? ESPN's Mike Sando shelled out $48 for the bucket hat below, while a Super Bowl 50 Manning jersey goes for $175.