Fans spent average of $88 on food, beverages at Super Bowl 50

Not only did Super Bowl 50 tickets cost a fortune, the food and beverages did, too.

Fans at Levi's Stadium on Sunday spent an average of $87.57 on things to eat and drink, and that doesn't count any merchandise they might have purchased on site.

Diana Evans, spokesperson for Centerplate, the stadium's vendor, said 26,000 hot dogs and sausages were sold.

Alternative food options included the "Big 5-0 Sausage" topped with gold flakes; 3,000 of those were sold. Centerplate also sold 1,000 crab sandwiches, 1,000 vegan dogs and 500 vegan BBQ sandwiches made out of jackfruit.

Evans wouldn't disclose a brand, but said the best-selling beverage was a domestic 16-ounce bottled beer, which cost $13, and a 20-ounce bottled water ($7) was the second-most popular on-site gameday drink.

More than 8,000 wines by the glass, which cost as much as $25 each, were also sold.

The company sold 60,000 drinks in souvenir Super Bowl 50 cups, Evans said.

The average Super Bowl ticket bought on ticket resale site StubHub this year was $4,512, spokesman Glenn Lehrman said.