Barnwell's five moves for all 32 teams

A good offseason, naturally, starts with a good beginning. That's where we come in. Teams like the Broncos and Panthers probably don't need our help, but that's never stopped us before. Click the links below to read five moves each NFL franchise should make to kick off its offseason in the right fashion.

AFC East: Buffalo should move on from Mario Williams, Miami should restructure Ndamukong Suh's deal, New England should pass on Matt Forte and the New York Jets should re-sign Muhammad Wilkerson. Read more

AFC North: Baltimore should extend Joe Flacco, Cincinnati should bring back either Mohamed Sanu or Marvin Jones, Cleveland should take a shot a Brock Osweiler and Pittsburgh should buy low on Le'Veon Bell. Read more

AFC South: Houston should restructure or cut Arian Foster, Indianapolis should hand Andrew Luck a blank check, Jacksonville should throw money at the league's top cornerbacks and Tennessee should re-sign Delanie Walker. Read more

AFC West: Denver should franchise Von Miller, Kansas City should re-sign Sean Smith, Oakland should go on a wild spending spree and San Diego should draft a replacement for Eric Weddle. Read more

NFC East: Dallas should sign a backup QB who isn't Johnny Manziel, the New York Giants should let Jason Pierre-Paul walk, Philadelphia should lock up Fletcher Cox and Washington should franchise Kirk Cousins. Read more

NFC North: Chicago should franchise Alshon Jeffery, Detroit should beg Calvin Johnson to return, Green Bay should sign Matt Forte and Minnesota should lock up safety Harrison Smith. Read more

NFC South: Atlanta should trade for Kam Chancellor, Carolina should franchise Josh Norman, New Orleans should extend Drew Brees and Tampa Bay should wait out the market before re-signing Doug Martin. Read more

NFC West: Arizona should lock up Tyrann Mathieu, Los Angeles should sign Robert Griffin III, San Francisco should maintain the status quo with Colin Kaepernick and Seattle should let Bruce Irvin walk. Read more