Seventh-grader shows footballs can deflate on own in science project

LYNN, Mass. -- Seventh-grader Ben Goodell has earned honors at a Massachusetts school science fair for his demonstration of how footballs can deflate on their own.

Ben Goodell -- no relation to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell -- tells The Daily Item he wanted to prove that the New England Patriots' Tom Brady didn't deflate footballs in the scandal that has followed the quarterback since the 2014 AFC Championship Game.

The St. Pius V Elementary School student said he exposed properly inflated footballs to different weather conditions, including humidity and snow. He said the footballs dropped by 2 PSI after two hours every time.

Ben Goodell won the outstanding project award at the February science fair.

NFL lawyers have asked a federal appeals court in New York City to reinstate the league's four-game suspension of Brady. A ruling is unlikely for weeks.