Eugene Monroe says NFL should look at possible benefits of marijuana

Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Eugene Monroe said the NFL needs to change its stance on marijuana and take a look at the drug's possible benefits as it relates to pain relief and possibly concussions.

"The NFL will need to have legitimate information before they remove marijuana from the banned substance list and ultimately not hurt their product in the field," Monroe told CNN.com. "But there's opportunity in that space also, for the NFL to get involved and maybe lead efforts."

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said at the Super Bowl that the league has no intention of changing its current policy on marijuana, saying it's "in the best interest of our players and the long-term health of our players."

Monroe, who has played in the NFL since 2009, said it's time for the league to conduct more research into marijuana because he said players are becoming addicted to painkillers in NFL locker rooms.

"Your job automatically gives you the symptom of chronic pain," said Monroe, who has missed 16 games the past two seasons due to injuries, including a concussion. "You're hitting each other as hard as possible every single day in practice. Your body is in pain a lot of time."