Q&A: Sherman, Gronk on NFL's best QB, Tinder, the next cruise, more

Rob Gronkowski and Richard Sherman give their thoughts on the next Gronk cruise, Tinder and more. Getty Images

When jerky brand Oberto went looking for two NFL players to star in a new digital series rife with awkward, buddy-buddy comedy, it came back with rivals who seemingly share little in common.

One fella is a defensive ball hawk with a degree from Stanford. The other is, well, Gronk.

Alas, bromance works in mysterious ways, and in the campaign, Seattle Seahawks corner Richard Sherman and New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski are pretty damn funny together.

Their on-screen harmony got us wondering: Is the duo a good match off screen, too? To find out, we had both players submit to ESPN's vaunted "Compatibility Test," an incredibly un-scientific evaluation that we just made up but will surely determine whether their chemistry is merely a product of Madison Avenue magic.

See our findings down at the bottom.

Who'd be more lost in an art gallery: Gronk or Sherm?

Gronk: Me. I don't know anything about art, and I feel like he'd know something.

Sherm: Gronk. He knows nothing about art. Nothing at all. At least I know the basics.

The verdict: Perfect match.

Better dancer: Gronk or Sherm?

Gronk: Me. I'm all about dancing. I've never really seen Sherm pull off his moves.

Sherm: Gronk has the moves, no doubt. There are a few clips out there of me getting after it, but Gronk literally has a party bus where all he does is invite people on to watch him dance. I've got to give him that.

The verdict: Perfect match.

Best QB in the NFL?

Gronk: Tom Brady. He just is. But Russell [Wilson's] a great quarterback, a franchise QB. Gotta give him credit.

Sherm: Touchdown Tom. Wasn't Kobe [Bryant] the best player in the NBA with his five rings? Tom's got four rings. He gets the nod because of that.

The verdict: Perfect match.

The likelihood of Sherman attending the next Gronk Cruise?

Gronk: No chance. It was a one-time show.

Sherman: If I'm invited, 90th percentile. I'll pack two pairs of speedos and I'm ready to go.

The verdict: Split decision.

The Rams traded the first pick in the NFL draft to your team. Who do you choose?

Gronk: My brother, Glenn! He's in the draft this year, just came out of Kansas State. He'll be there in the later rounds, but he's a good player, so I'd have to take him.

Sherm: I'd probably take one of the big tackles. That kid from Ole Miss (Laremy Tunsil).

The verdict: Split decision.

Most likely to get married first: Gronk or Sherm?

Gronk: I'd say Sherm. I think he's engaged, so he wins by default. I have no clue when I'm getting married. I just go with the flow.

Sherm: I'm engaged, so, me. But even if I wasn't engaged, it would still be me. It seems like marriage is not something that he's in line to do.

The verdict: Perfect match.

Tinder: Good times or trouble?

Gronk: Both. I tried it four years ago in the locker room, just messing around. It was a classic time, but I stopped at the limit where it wouldn't be trouble.

Sherman: Oh my god, I'm engaged now, so it's troubbbble.

The verdict: Split decision

Most likely to lead a yoga retreat: Gronk or Sherm?

Gronk: That's a good one. I'd go with Sherm. I feel like he does yoga, and I never really have before. Yoga is too slow.

Sherm: Gronk. I don't do yoga. Our team offers yoga at the facility every Wednesday, but it's not mandatory. And Gronk probably doesn't do yoga, so he'll say me.

The verdict: Perfect match.

If you had to be stranded on a remote island with Pete Carroll or Bill Belichick, who'd you rather be stuck with?

Gronk: My coach, the winningest coach in the NFL. If we're just chilling on an island, he might as well put me through drills. What else would be going on?

Sherm: Pete! He'd keep the whole experience fun and keep me optimistic. He'd probably convince me that we're going to get rescued the next day for a hundred straight days. Coach Belichick, on the other hand, would probably make me build a ship to get us home, and he'd be the captain, and he probably would get us home, but I don't think I'd have much fun doing it.

The verdict: Split decision.

It's Super Bowl LI. The Seahawks have the ball at the goal line. In the backfield is newly unretired Marshawn Lynch. Last play of the game. Hand off or pass?

Gronk: Trick play -- I would hand it off and let him throw a pass.

Sherm: Trick play -- I'd hand it off, then a flea-flicker to Jimmy Graham.

The verdict: Perfect match.

The final tally

Perfect matches: 6

Split decisions: 4