Richard Sherman, Rob Gronkowski star in digital ad series together

Richard Sherman, now one of football's most prolific pitchmen, said he doesn't have some master plan to craft a particular image in his endorsement choices.

The Seattle Seahawks cornerback has starred in ads showing how he deals with claims that he's the best in the game. He's also dangled from a helicopter alongside a blue-body-paint-wearing fan in a soup commercial.

Sherman's latest endeavor involves eating beef jerky with Rob Gronkowski while wearing a Snuggie.

"I'm not taking myself too seriously," Sherman said in a recent phone interview. "I do things the way I think is right."

The digital short series for Oberto that launches Thursday features Sherman and the New England Patriots tight end sitting in a garage and riffing on a variety of subjects. Gronkowski said about half was scripted and half improvised.

Sherman said he typically played the straight man to Gronkowski's consistently goofy persona.

"I do a great job of countering back and riding the wave," Sherman said. "He does a great job of making the wave."

Gronkowski started an Instagram account last month, announcing it with a video that opens with him on a slide at a playground. Early in the offseason when he's working out only a couple of hours a day leaves plenty of time to try out some other things that he may want to do once his career's over, Gronkowski said.

"After a little bit, you get a little bored," he said.

Gronkowski said the famously strict Patriots were fine with how he fills his time in the offseason because he stays in shape and prepared.

"Football is my livelihood," he said. "I love playing the game. Every time I step in the stadium, I'm ready to go."