Noah Spence has sent his past 20 drug tests since May to NFL teams

Smart move by Spence sending out drug test results (1:56)

Mark Dominick believes Noah Spence and his agent were smart to send out his past 20 drug test results in order to make teams less concerned about drafting him. (1:56)

Eastern Kentucky LB Noah Spence, whom the Big Ten banned in November 2014 after a few positive drug tests at Ohio State, this week sent each of the 32 NFL teams the past 20 drug tests he has taken since May, per league sources.

Spence is attempting to prove to NFL teams that he has turned around his life since his troubles at Ohio State, and he wanted them to see all the clean test results.

Spence had Eastern Kentucky conduct five drug tests from May through December, then an independent drug-testing company conduct 15 more each week from January until this week. All of the results were sent via FedEx to all NFL teams this week to review before Thursday night's draft.

Spence is widely expected to be a first-round pick, according to league sources, even with his checkered past that included attending a drug-treatment program at Ohio State.

If drafted, Spence will not enter the NFL in the drug program; his positive tests are far enough in the past that they won't count against him.