Bills DE Shaq Lawson asked at combine how he'd kill someone

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Former Clemson defensive end Shaq Lawson said Friday that he was asked by an NFL team during February's combine about what method he would use to kill someone.

Lawson, who could not remember which team asked him the question, was unsure how to answer it during the brief meeting.

"I was just like, 'I don't know,'" Lawson said in response to the unknown team's question. "I can't remember what I said but I just sat there for a minute and was like why would I want to kill somebody?"

The Buffalo Bills' newest player, drafted with the 19th pick of the first round Thursday night, was glad that coach Rex Ryan provided a more relaxed atmosphere during his sit-down with the Bills.

"I felt I had a great vibe when I went into the room," he said, later adding that he watched film with Ryan and other Bills coaches. "I felt very comfortable when I met those guys at the combine and just talking about football and what I can bring to the table and to the team."

How Lawson would kill someone wasn't the only question from a team that he found bizarre. He noted Friday that another team quizzed him on the fourth president of the United States.

"I went into other meetings and was just kind of nervous, uptight, you know?" he said Friday. "Especially when they asked me who the fourth president was. I was like, 'I don't know.' I had no idea who it was."

Lawson isn't the only player to express concern about odd and potentially inappropriate combine questions.

Atlanta Falcons assistant coach Marquand Manuel apologized in March for asking top cornerback prospect Eli Apple at the combine if Apple liked men. Former LSU safety Jalen Mills told CBS Sports after the combine this year that he was asked by a team, "If you wanted to kill a guy, would you kill him with a gun or a knife?" and former NFL defensive end Austen Lane tweeted in February about being posed a similar question.