Dinner party: Tom Brady's $200 cookbook sells out

Don't call Brady's book a cookbook (2:16)

ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell explains why the $200 nutrition manual by Tom Brady has been in such high demand. (2:16)

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- A $200 price tag couldn't keep Tom Brady's fans from gobbling up the Patriots quarterback's new cookbook.

The "TB12 Nutrition Manual" features 89 recipes and is described on the four-time Super Bowl champion's website as being printed on 100-pound text paper with covers made from natural wood that include laser etching.

Brady posted a picture from the book on his Facebook page, calling it "another step toward achieving your peak performance." Recipes include avocado ice cream and carrot cake.

The book can be taken apart and expanded. The description on the site says anyone who buys it will receive additional pages with new or modified recipes.

It's listed as sold out, and a note says more may be available early next month.