Jonathan Martin has 'no desire to ever see or talk to' Richie Incognito

More than two years after a bullying scandal dramatically altered his career, former NFL offensive lineman Jonathan Martin says he has no interest in reconnecting with Richie Incognito, Martin's former Miami Dolphins teammate accused of harassing him.

"I have no desire to ever see or talk to him," Martin told USA Today in an interview published Friday. "I'll get nothing from it. That's in the past. I don't know what his thoughts are and I don't really care, honestly."

Martin believes his relationship with Incognito is "convoluted" and that "at a certain level" he and Incognito "were friends," he told USA Today.

"We hung out," Martin said. "That's fact. He's got his own issues like I had issues with depression related to dealing with all their BS, but I don't even know if Richie wants to be a bad person. Part of me thinks he just is because he's allowed to be in the realm he occupies. It's weird because we still have mutual friends."

Martin added that some of his Dolphins teammates believe he was "making everything up" about being harassed in Miami's locker room.

"Which was fine," Martin said, "but not even giving me the benefit of the doubt made me lose respect for everyone in that building -- everyone -- so I mean, I've moved on. I hope they've moved on."

The Dolphins suspended Incognito for the final eight games of the 2013 season and later released him after an NFL investigation. He spent the 2014 season out of football before signing with the Buffalo Bills last year. He was rated by Pro Football Focus as the league's second-best guard last season and was selected as an alternate for the Pro Bowl.

The Bills re-signed Incognito to a three-year, $15.75 million deal in March.

"I don't even know if Richie wants to be a bad person. Part of me thinks he just is because he's allowed to be in the realm he occupies." Jonathan Martin on Richie Incognito, to USA Today

Martin left the Dolphins in the wake of the bullying scandal during the 2013 season and was traded to the San Francisco 49ers prior to the 2014 season. He spent last offseason with the Carolina Panthers before retiring last July.

Weeks after retiring, Martin posted a lengthy message on Facebook explaining that he suffered from depression and had tried to kill himself on multiple occasions.

Incognito declined comment when asked about Martin's Facebook post last August.

Incognito received professional counseling to deal with "severe mental stress" after the NFL investigation into his locker room behavior, the NFL Network reported in 2014. The network previously reported in 2013 that Incognito had been prescribed a medication for anxiety and had regularly used marijuana to "self-medicate" in the past.