Ravens withdraw proposal to overhaul NFL replay review system

Russillo: 'Replay is a complete waste of time' (1:34)

Ryen Russillo and Danny Kanell both do not like replays in the NFL because of what it takes away from the game; Mike Greenberg disagrees. (1:34)

The Baltimore Ravens have withdrawn a proposal to overhaul the NFL's replay review system, a source confirmed Thursday, and will not advocate for it during the league's spring meeting next week.

Instead, the competition committee is likely to lead a discussion on more moderate changes to the replay system for 2016. The meeting of the league's 32 owners is scheduled for Tuesday in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Ravens caught the attention of many league officials in March with a large-scale proposal to re-imagine the purpose of video replay. It would have wiped out the existing structure, which limited reviews to a small subset of plays, and instead made all but eight categories of penalties reviewable.

Previously unreviewable calls such as face masks and illegal batting would have been included in the new rule. The Ravens believed the concept would have made the game safer, and that it would allow existing technology to correct obvious mistakes exposed by HD camera angles during game broadcasts.

Owners tabled the proposal during meetings in March, and the competition committee has spent the past two months reviewing it. Ultimately, however, the NFL considers replay to be a supplement to in-game officiating rather than a fundamental part of it.

Details of a potential competition committee proposal are still being finalized, a league spokesman said.