Mark Davis on a Raiders move to Las Vegas: 'I haven't heard no'

Mark Davis on Vegas: 'I haven't heard anybody say no' (0:23)

Raiders owner Mark Davis expresses his optimism and commitment to a potential move of the franchise to Las Vegas. (0:23)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis said Tuesday he was "very optimistic" about opportunities to relocate his team to Las Vegas.

Davis told reporters at the NFL owners meeting that the team continues to study whether the Las Vegas market is viable, and the preliminary reports have been positive.

He said it's important to him to build a local fan base in the city.

"We're not looking to make this something where the fans fly in on weekends for games," he said. "For the first year, it would probably be like that, but we want to have a local fan base. That's important to us."

And while the subject of the Raiders moving to Las Vegas was not discussed by owners Tuesday, Davis told reporters, "I haven't heard no."

Davis said there is no timetable for the team to move, though the Raiders could play a preseason game in the city.

"We have a one-year lease in Oakland and we have two one-year options. We want to do it right, so there's no real rush," he said.

He said the Raiders have not given up on reaching a solution for a new stadium in Oakland. He indicated he's no longer working with a group to bring the team to Los Angeles, mainly because he gave his word to Las Vegas officials that he wouldn't use them to bargain for a new stadium elsewhere.

"I've given my commitment to Las Vegas, so if they can come up with what they're talking about there, we'll go to Las Vegas," he said.

Asked if he was still considering the L.A. option to join the Rams if the Chargers passed on it, he said, "That doesn't have anything to do with where my train of thought is right now. If Las Vegas comes through, we're going to Las Vegas."

Later, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said there was no formal proposal from the Raiders, and a great deal of work remained before the league would consider the move.

"Until we have more information, it's pure speculation at this point," he said.

Giants owner John Mara said it's not a front-burner issue right now, was not an agenda item at the meetings and that Davis hasn't formally broached the idea with his fellow owners. But he acknowledged it's being discussed informally among owners.

"The gambling is one thing, but I'm more curious to find out whether the market is deep enough to support a team," Mara said. "Those are things that have to be figured out before it can be seriously considered. Right now, it's not something that's high on my list of agenda items."

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie echoed Mara, saying, "I think what everybody would want to know is, would this be a great NFL market? We have to find out whether it's a viable market, but I'd like it to be a great NFL market if we're going to consider putting a team there."

ESPN's Bob Holtzman and Dan Graziano contributed to this report.