DeSean Jackson absences from voluntary workouts don't worry Washington

ASHBURN, Virginia -- The Washington Redskins want receiver DeSean Jackson to collect a lot of passes and touchdowns. As long as he does that, they're OK with his spotty offseason attendance. What he won't be collecting is his workout bonus.

Jackson's contract included a $500,000 workout bonus tied to the number of workout sessions he attended, but he has already missed too much time to collect the money. He had to show up for 90 percent of the offseason workouts, which began April 18.

Jackson, 29, has a base salary of $3.75 million and is a free agent after the season, giving him another chance at a big contract. He received a $5 million signing bonus from Washington in 2014.

It's not as if Jackson has been a no-show at the voluntary sessions. He was here last week, and coach Jay Gruden said he expects him to return. There were other players who didn't show up until this week as well, although they did not have the same incentive as Jackson.

Jackson had spotty attendance in 2015 as well, although at the time the coaches and players said, in essence, that it didn't matter as long as he made plays during the season. He made plays and his presence was felt -- quarterback Kirk Cousins had a passer rating of 126 in the final eight games with Jackson. But Jackson also missed six full games and most of a seventh because of a hamstring injury. He also injured his shoulder in training camp, which could have contributed to the hamstring injury in the season opener.

Jackson finished with 30 catches for 528 yards and four touchdowns.

It's not a situation the Redskins are worried about. Several coaches and team officials have said Jackson knows the offense and is smart, lessening their concerns.

"He has been here, he has popped in and had a cup of coffee," Redskins coach Jay Gruden said. "Last time I looked up the word 'voluntary,' that is his choice, and he has been in the league nine years. He knows what type of shape he has to come in. Obviously, last year he pulled his hamstring, and some people say it was because he was out of shape, but he wasn't really. But he will be ready to go and probably show up next week. Or it could be whenever."

Teammates aren't spending a lot of time wondering about Jackson's whereabouts, either.

"DeSean will get here," said Cousins, who is on a one-year deal with the franchise tag and had no update on long-term contract talks. "He was here the last few weeks and was able to work with us. He knows what's best for him and what he's gotta do to be ready this fall. I'm excited for whenever he does get here and expect to get a lot of work."

The key for teammates: As long as Jackson knows the offense and is in shape, they're fine with whatever he does.

"Yes, you want him here, but this is an offense he knows, and he knows himself," Redskins safety DeAngelo Hall said. "When you have a guy that knows [himself], you kind of what them to train the way they want to train."