Browns jersey bearing name of every QB since '99 to be retired

That infamous Cleveland Browns jersey with the names of 24 different starting quarterbacks will not see a 25th.

Inspired by the Cleveland Cavaliers' NBA championship, the owner of the iconic jersey is retiring it.

"It's a new day in Cleveland," Tim Brokaw of the advertising agency Brokaw, Inc., wrote in an email. "We want to be a part of that."

Brokaw is the jersey's creator and owner. He regularly displayed the jersey in the window of his agency, adding a new quarterback's name on duct tape as the list trailed to the ground. It had the names of all the Browns' 24 quarterback starters since 1999, but it doesn't anymore.

"Not exactly how we planned it," Brokaw said. "But after last night's historic performance, we realized all negative energy and bad juju should be eliminated from The Land." Brokaw, Inc., announced the "retirement" on its Twitter and Instagram pages Monday afternoon. With the announcement was a photo that had all the names of the quarterbacks eliminated.

"The dark cloud," Brokaw said, "has been lifted."