Von Miller, Golden State Warrior? Looks good to him

Von Miller has yet to come to a long-term contract agreement with the Denver Broncos, so the linebacker -- who has previously said there is "no chance" he'll play under the franchise tag in 2016 -- appears to be ready to take his talents to another championship team. That is if the Photoshop he posted to his social media accounts is to be believed.

Miller would give the Golden State Warriors a Super Bowl MVP in addition to their pair of NBA MVPs (Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant). However, after agreeing to add Durant, the Warriors don't have cap room left, and so they could only offer Miller minimum (and with Miller having no NBA experience, that'd be just $543,471). That'd be a substantial paycut from the $14.129M he'd be due if he took the one-year franchise tender.

So don't expect to see Miller suiting up as the newest Splash Brother any time soon.