'You like that?!' Kirk Cousins' catchphrase becomes corn maze

Tyler Wegmeyer was brainstorming ideas for the shape of his annual corn maze when his three sons, ages 5, 8 and 10, chimed in.

They wanted to do a football theme. Given the location of Wayside Farm in Berryville, Virginia -- some 80 miles west of FedEx Field -- a Washington Redskins theme was a no-brainer.

Doing something with quarterback Kirk Cousins was also a natural because Wegmeyer is a 1999 graduate of Michigan State, where Cousins became the all-time record holder in passing touchdowns and yards in his career from 2008 to 2011.

The next natural step was adding Cousins' now-famous catchphrase "You like that?!" into the maze. Wegmeyer said he called Cousins' marketing manager Luke Munson, who gave him permission to use the phrase in exchange for a donation to Cousins' football camp.

Cousins and his brother Kyle filed for the trademark of the phrase in October. The Patent and Trademark Office is waiting for Cousins to file for a statement of use, and barring an extension, Cousins has until Nov. 24 to show how he will use the trademark.

The farm charges $10 per person for admission in the fall, which includes access to the maze. The farm also has a pumpkin shooter, in which people can pay $5 for a bucket of small pumpkins that fit into a gun to shoot at targets. Wegmeyer said this year the farm will make field goal posts for people to shoot the pumpkins through. A successful field goal will mean more pumpkins for participants to shoot with.