Jeff Fisher, Rams cut Deon Long for having woman in dorm

Long cut by Rams over woman in dorm (1:44)

Deon Long broke a very strict "no visitors" rule during the Rams' training camp, and coach Jeff Fisher didn't hesitate to cut him from the team. (1:44)

A fairly minor Los Angeles Rams transaction became more interesting on Tuesday when it was revealed that coach Jeff Fisher cut Deon Long after the wide receiver brought a woman into his training camp dorm.

Long was released earlier this summer and has since landed with the Philadelphia Eagles. In Tuesday's episode of HBO's "Hard Knocks," Fisher tells Long that he is being cut for violating team rules.

"What part of the rules, what part of 'no female guests in the room,' did you not understand?" Fisher asked Long in their meeting, which was shown on the television show.

Long says that his visitor was there before curfew and he didn't intend to have her stay. But after hearing Long's explanation, Fisher tells him he's being released.

"Sorry, but this is our world, man," Fisher says. "We have rules and we have to abide by them. Not the first time I've done this for this particular violation, but I thought I made myself really clear."

Fisher then tells the team that Long is gone.

"I'm not f---ing going 7-9 or 8-8 or 9-7 ... we have too much talent here for that," he said on "Hard Knocks." "We had some 7-9 bulls--- this morning and we can't have that. Deon is gone. That is 7-9 bulls--- and we don't need it."

The Eagles signed Long on Friday. The 25-year-old spent time with the Tennessee Titans and Miami Dolphins last season but never played.

Long played for four different college programs, finishing up with two years at Maryland. He was undrafted last year.