Week 2 NFL Power Rankings: Packers, Patriots move up

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There's a new No. 1 in town. ESPN's power panel (a group of more than 80 writers, editors and TV personalities) has shuffled the rankings following Week 1 outcomes, and the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots have moved up to claim the top two spots. Check out the rest of the league and where each team ranks.

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1. Green Bay Packers

2016 record: 1-0
Week 1 ranking: No. 6

Jordy Nelson gained only 32 yards in his return, but he had six catches, including three for first downs. It was a microcosm of the Packers' offense in Week 1, getting by with just enough, but the Vikings should provide a tougher test in Week 2.

2. New England Patriots

2016 record: 1-0
Week 1 ranking: No. 3

Tom who? Rob who? Jimmy Garoppolo led the Brady-less and Gronkowski-less Patriots to an impressive victory in Arizona in Week 1 to move up the rankings. Next up? The Dolphins at home. The Pats are 20-1 at home against division foes since 2009.

3. Seattle Seahawks

2016 record: 1-0
Week 1 ranking: No. 1

The Seahawks were the top-ranked team in our Power Rankings, but a two-point victory at home over the Dolphins doesn't inspire confidence. Seattle could slip lower after a Week 2 matchup at Los Angeles. The Seahawks have lost three of their past four games against the Rams.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

2016 record: 1-0
Week 1 ranking: No. 2

If you forgot how good Antonio Brown was, let a 126-yard, two-touchdown Monday night performance serve as a reminder. Look for Brown to have another big game in Week 2 against the division rival that ended his season early with a hit to the head last postseason.

5. Arizona Cardinals

2016 record: 0-1
Week 1 ranking: No. 4

There are worse things in the world than losing to the Patriots, even without Tom Brady, but a loss to the Bucs at home in Week 2 would give the Cardinals their first 0-2 start since 2005.

6. Carolina Panthers

2016 record: 0-1
Week 1 ranking: No. 5

Cam Newton was sacked, hit while throwing or hit while rushing 17 times in Week 1, his most ever in regulation. Newton could certainly use a break already, and he might get one in Week 2, when the Panthers host the 49ers.

7. Houston Texans

2016 record: 1-0
Week 1 ranking: No. 13

Lamar Miller was one of two backs to rush for 100 yards in Week 1, and Will Fuller became the first Texans rookie to gain 100 receiving yards in a season opener. Neither was around last season when the Chiefs, the Texans' Week 2 opponent, beat Houston 30-0 in the playoffs.

8. Denver Broncos

2016 record: 1-0
Week 1 ranking: No. 8

Trevor Siemian was one of three quarterbacks with multiple interceptions in Week 1, but a formula of great defense and good enough quarterback play worked for the Broncos last season. It will need to work again in Week 2 with Andrew Luck and the Colts coming to town.

9. Cincinnati Bengals

2016 record: 1-0
Week 1 ranking: No. 7

Let Week 1 serve as a reminder of how good A.J. Green is. He dropped 180 yards against a secondary with Darrelle Revis. Green and the Bengals look to get their revenge against the Steelers this week.

10. Oakland Raiders

2016 record: 1-0
Week 1 ranking: No. 11

Don't worry, Jack, we aren't trying to take your job. The numbers simply showed how gutsy it was to go for two. Thanks to that conversion, the Raiders will be looking for their first 2-0 start since 2002 when they host Atlanta this week.

11. Kansas City Chiefs

2016 record: 1-0
Week 1 ranking: No. 9

Alex Smith did more than just manage the game in the Chiefs' Week 1 comeback win against the Chargers, passing for 363 yards, his second-most passing yards in a game. Smith's reward is a Week 2 date at Houston with J.J. Watt.

12. Minnesota Vikings

2016 record: 1-0
Week 1 ranking: No. 12

The Vikings' defense scored two touchdowns in Week 1, the offense scored none. It resulted in a win, but that was against the Titans. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers will provide a tougher test in Week 2.

13. Baltimore Ravens

2016 record: 1-0
Week 1 ranking: No. 15

Joe Flacco returned to action in Week 1 with a 65.3 Total QBR and no interceptions. Flacco threw 12 interceptions in 10 games last season and had only two games with none. One of those games was against his Week 2 opponent, the Browns.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2016 record: 1-0
Week 1 ranking: No. 24

Four touchdowns in a game is always impressive, but Jameis Winston did it against a weak Falcons defense. If Winston can repeat his performance, or come close to it, against the Cardinals this week, we'll have a better idea of where the Bucs are headed this season.

15. New York Jets

2016 record: 0-1
Week 1 ranking: No. 10

Ryan Fitzpatrick is the starter, but can he finish? In his past two fourth quarters, he is 8-of-19 with no touchdowns and four interceptions. Three of the interceptions came last season in Week 17 against the Bills, who beat the Jets twice last season and host them Thursday night.

16. New York Giants

2016 record: 1-0
Week 1 ranking: No. 17

The Giants held onto a lead and didn't mismanage the clock, so the Ben McAdoo era is already off to a roaring start with a win against Dallas. The new-look defense faced a rookie in Week 1, but Drew Brees threw seven touchdowns against the G-Men last season, and he's coming to town in Week 2.

17. Washington Redskins

2016 record: 0-1
Week 1 ranking: No. 14

Kirk Cousins threw for at least one touchdown in all 16 games last season, but put up a goose egg in that category in the Redskins' Week 1 loss. The Cowboys' weak pass defense could be the cure for that in Week 2.

18. Dallas Cowboys

2016 record: 0-1
Week 1 ranking: No. 23

Dak Prescott might be a rookie, but he should still introduce himself to Dez Bryant. The duo connected once for 8 yards on five tries in Week 1. The Cowboys are 4-13 when Bryant is held under 35 yards in his career.

19. Indianapolis Colts

2016 record: 0-1
Week 1 ranking: No. 18

The Colts lost in Week 1, but Andrew Luck didn't throw an interception and took only two sacks, so they have to feel good about that. The reigning champs are up next, but Luck is 3-1 in his career against Denver, including the playoffs.

20. Philadelphia Eagles

2016 record: 1-0
Week 1 ranking: No. 25

Poise counts! Carson Wentz went 8-of-8 against the blitz in his NFL debut and led the Eagles to one of the most lopsided victories of Week 1. Will Wentz continue to shine brightly in Week 2's Monday night game against Chicago?

21. Atlanta Falcons

2016 record: 0-1
Week 1 ranking: No. 22

The good? Julio Jones got a friend in Mohamed Sanu, who had 80 yards receiving and a score in his Falcons debut. The bad? The Falcons forgot how to run, gaining 52 yards on 22 tries in Week 1. They'll look to find balance at Oakland this week.

22. Detroit Lions

2016 record: 1-0
Week 1 ranking: No. 20

The wide receivers were supposed to be the focus for the Lions following Calvin Johnson's retirement, but the running backs accounted for 229 yards and three touchdowns in Week 1. They look to continue that momentum against the Titans, who limited Adrian Peterson to 31 yards, in Week 2.

23. Jacksonville Jaguars

2016 record: 0-1
Week 1 ranking: No. 19

The Jaguars need to provide some relief for Blake Bortles, and 48 total rushing yards on 26 tries is not the answer. The Jags might get that relief in Week 2 against the Chargers, who have allowed the third-most yards per rush since the start of last season.

24. New Orleans Saints

2016 record: 0-1
Week 1 ranking: No. 27

Since the start of last season, Saints opponents have thrown for 46 touchdowns and only nine interceptions. The Saints might need to score 50 points every week to win, which was exactly what they needed to do to beat the Giants last season. New Orleans is at the Giants in Week 2.

25. San Diego Chargers

2016 record: 0-1
Week 1 ranking: No. 26

It looked like San Diego solved one of its biggest problems, rushing, after Melvin Gordon scored his first two career rushing touchdowns. But the defense, the other big problem, doomed the Chargers in Week 1 and could doom them against a frisky Jaguars team in Week 2.

26. Tennessee Titans

2016 record: 0-1
Week 1 ranking: No. 30

The Titans scored 16 points in Week 1, didn't allow an offensive touchdown and still lost by nine. The Titans have lost five straight and are 2-14 with a minus-161 point differential in their past 16 games.

27. Buffalo Bills

2016 record: 0-1
Week 1 ranking: No. 16

The Bills mustered a whopping seven points in Week 1 and didn't even record a first down in the fourth quarter. But with the Jets coming to Buffalo in Week 2, that could change quickly. The Bills went 2-0 against coach Rex Ryan's former team last season.

28. Miami Dolphins

2016 record: 0-1
Week 1 ranking: No. 21

Ryan Tannehill was sacked four times in Week 1 and had 137 of his 186 passing yards come after the catch. He'll need to be a lot better for Miami to compete, especially with the Patriots up next on the schedule.

29. Chicago Bears

2016 record: 0-1
Week 1 ranking: No. 29

Jay Cutler was sacked five times and pressured on 40 percent of his dropbacks (tied for highest in NFL) in the season opener. A sign of things to come? We'll see if the Bears can right the ship Monday night against Philadelphia.

30. San Francisco 49ers

2016 record: 1-0
Week 1 ranking: No. 32

Coach Chip Kelly sure knows how to make an entrance, but the 49ers dominated in Week 1 last season, too. A trip to Carolina in Week 2 will either knock the 49ers back down to Earth, or ... most likely and literally knock them down to Earth.

31. Los Angeles Rams

2016 record: 0-1
Week 1 ranking: No. 28

The Rams were the first team shut out in a season opener since ... the Rams in 2009. The Rams went 1-15 that season, and if they can't get the offense going against the Seahawks in Week 2, they'll be right on track with that 2009 team.

32. Cleveland Browns

2016 record: 0-1
Week 1 ranking: No. 31

In a week defined by close games and monster comebacks, the Browns took a 19-point beating from a team with a rookie quarterback. The Browns now have a 38 percent chance of getting the first pick in 2017, according to NFL FPI, by far the highest in the league.