Uni Watch: NFL's feet philanthropy

The NFL has given the green light for custom cleats this week. NFL

The NFL usually frowns on customized footwear, but that will change this Sunday, as hundreds of NFL players will be wearing custom-designed cleats to support charitable foundations and raise awareness of important causes.

When it comes to charity and sacrifice, there are no "best" or "worst" designs, no brand loyalties, no "My kicks are better than your kicks" -- all of these cleats are winners. Still, some are particularly notable, either for their visual impact or for the storylines behind them. Here are a dozen that have caught your friendly uniform columnist's eye this week:

Von Miller, Broncos

Miller, who has worn glasses since the second grade, has a foundation called Von's Vision, which provides low-income Denver children with the eye care and corrective eyewear. His cleats feature an eye-catching eye chart motif. Additional info here.

Vernon Davis, Washington

Davis always had an artistic impulse but kept it under wraps as a kid because other children ridiculed him. He now has a personal foundation that promotes art education and appreciation among disadvantaged youth. His cleats have a paint-splatter theme that nicely captures the spirit of artistic improvisation. Additional info here.

Devin McCourty, Patriots, and Jason McCourty, Titans

Twin brothers Devin and Jason McCourty have sickle cell disease in their family, and they have a foundation devoted to battling the disease. Their custom cleats show the foundation's logo along with both brothers, in uniform, defending a pass. Devin will wear his shoes this Sunday, while Jason will have to wait until Week 14, because the Titans have a bye this week. Additional info here.

Doug Baldwin, Seahawks

Baldwin represents the Southern Youth Sports Association, whose logo is a tiger -- hence the tiger stripes on the cleats he'll be wearing this Sunday. Although Baldwin plays for the Seahawks, it seems like a safe bet that everyone on the Bengals will soon be clamoring for a design like this one.

Brock Osweiler, Texans

Osweiler is showing his support for Ronald McDonald House Charities, which provides assistance to families with sick children. His cleats have a nice design element: If the two shoes are positioned together side by side, McDonald's signature golden arches are formed.

Aaron Rodgers, Packers

Rodgers supports the MACC Fund -- that's Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer. The organization's logo features a green child and a gold child, so Rodgers will wear one green shoe and one gold shoe -- which should also mesh nicely with Green Bay's color scheme.

Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers

Here's another case of a big-name quarterback who'll be wearing two different-colored shoes. Roethlisberger's personal foundation supports police and fire departments, with a particular emphasis on K-9 units and service dogs, which explains the K-9 logo on his cleats. Not the flashiest design you'll see this Sunday, but the mismatched colors should definitely stand out.

Johnny Hekker, Rams

Has any NFL player ever worn a cleat with a two-tone paint job, split down the center? It's a really sharp look, and Hekker will be wearing it in support of Waterboys, a group that partners with NFL players to provide clean drinking water to rural East African communities.

Cameron Jordan, Saints

The United Way and the NFL have been partners for generations. The nonprofit group's blue, red and orange logo is a perfect fit for the color scheme on Jordan's cleats -- nicely done.

Pierre Garçon, Washington

Garçon, who is Haitian-American, has a foundation that supports sustainable initiatives in Haiti. With its vibrant colors and silhouetted logo, this will be one of the boldest designs of the week. Additional info here.

Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys

Elliott already wore his custom cleats in last night's game against the Vikings, but they're too good not to include here. Elliott is a lifelong animal lover, so his cleats supported the SPCA of Texas and featured paw prints and dog bones, along with a portrait of Elliott's own dog, Ace. Additional info here. (Elliott isn't the only player using his feet to support our four-footed friends. Check out the pair being worn on Sunday by Logan Ryan of the Patriots.)

Stefon Diggs, Vikings

This is another one from last night. Diggs supported the American Heart Association with a design that showed the inner workings of a human heart, complete with veins, valves and more. Very anatomical! (Several other players are also representing the AHA on their cleats with more conventional but nonetheless powerful designs, like this pair being worn by Saints Brandin Cooks of the Saints.)

For additional photos and information on the custom-designed cleats that players will be wearing this week, look here and here, and follow the hashtag #MyCauseMyCleats.

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