Police report: Michael Floyd had difficulty responding, changed story during DUI arrest

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Michael Floyd's black Cadillac Escalade sat through at least two green-light cycles with him passed out behind the wheel before police officers barricaded his SUV between their cars as they prepared to wake him up, according to the police report detailing the arrest of the Arizona Cardinals wide receiver on charges of DUI on Monday morning.

Police found Floyd asleep at the wheel of his SUV in the left-turn lane at an intersection in the Old Town area of Scottsdale, Arizona, at 2:48 a.m. after the Cardinals returned to Arizona from their trip to Miami, where they lost to the Dolphins 26-23.

The SUV was on, and Floyd's foot was on the brake, the report said.

When the responding officers were able to wake Floyd, he appeared surprised, the officers wrote in their report. He then pointed forward, signaling to them that he was going to drive off after repeated orders from police to turn his car off. At one point, Floyd told the officers that he was going to drive off, they wrote.

After Floyd rolled down his window, the officers smelled alcohol and noticed Floyd had watery and bloodshot eyes, according to the report. One of the officers reached inside and grabbed Floyd's wrists, moving them to the ceiling of the SUV to keep him from touching the steering wheel. After Floyd had "great difficulty responding and complying to the commands" from the officers to get out of his vehicle, the officer unlatched Floyd's seatbelt and led him out of the Escalade, according to the report.

"Michael did not fight us but also had to be physically manipulated in order to comply," an officer wrote in the report.

When Floyd took his foot off the brake, the Escalade rolled into one of the police cruisers, but there was no damage to either vehicle, according to the report. The report said the officers had positioned their cars on either end of Floyd's Escalade, with their push bumpers abutting the front and rear of Floyd's vehicle.

The officers then sat Floyd on a median in the road. At one point while he sat on the curb, Floyd asked the officers why they were "acting like this." Floyd then was questioned about his drinking.

According to the police report, Floyd initially told officers that he was leaving his home in Scottsdale to pick his nephew up from the airport, but his story evolved into him having one drink, and he later said it was two drinks. Police said Floyd's story jumped around between him drinking on the team plane back from Miami and drinking at the W Scottsdale hotel, but Floyd eventually "settled" on having had wine -- "house cabernet" -- on the team plane. Floyd also told the officers he was on a blood-thinning medication.

Floyd was arrested and charged with obstructing a roadway, DUI impaired to the slightest degree, DUI BAC over .08 and failure to obey a police officer. He was booked and then released from the Scottsdale jail at 4:55 a.m.