HOF QB Dan Fouts says Terrell Owens got 'fair evaluation'

Stephen A.: Dan Fouts should be ashamed of himself (0:59)

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman criticize Dan Fouts for saying Terrell Owens received a "fair evaluation" for the Hall of Fame. (0:59)

Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts was a member of the Hall of Fame selection committee for the first time in Houston, and said he believes receiver Terrell Owens got a fair shake before his case didn't advance.

"I think his numbers are very worthy, but again on the other side of it, I think his actions on and off the field, on the sidelines, in the locker room, and the fact he played for so many teams and was such a great player, the question that comes back to me is if he was such a great player, why did so many of those teams get rid of him?" Fouts said in a visit with The Midday 180 in Nashville. "And I think we all know the answers."

In his second year of eligibility, the NFL's second leading all-time receiver with 15,934 yards failed a second time to advance from the field of 15 to 10. Ultimately up to five of the 15 modern era finalists can be selected for induction.

Upon learning he was not elected, Owens tweeted:

"I think he did receive a fair evaluation of his career, both pros and cons," Fouts said. "But obviously ripping the Hall of Fame in the process, what good is that going to do. I just don't understand that. I didn't understand a lot of things he did in his career."

Could Fouts have played with Owens?

"Well, that's a hypothetical type of question," he said. "All I know is the guys I played with, never had a problem. We were dedicated to what we were trying to do with the [Don] Coryell offense and we were excited about each Sunday we went out and played and never once did I have a player come to me and complain about not getting the ball.

"They understood that I had little control on who was getting the ball, it was the design of the offense against whatever the defense was trying to do to us and they realized and understood being intelligent and good guys that I was doing what was best for the team."