Patriots look to next year, file for 'Blitz for Six' trademark

If the New England Patriots are satisfied with their fifth title, they sure aren't showing it.

On Feb. 7, just two days after winning Super Bowl LI for their fifth championship, the Patriots filed to trademark the phrase "Blitz for Six," hoping to use it on clothing -- including hooded T-shirts, of course. Coach Bill Belichick is known for wearing Patriots hoodies.

And last Tuesday, the same day that Belichick chanted "No Days Off" to the crowd at the team's victory parade, the Patriots also filed to trademark that phrase.

The Patriots have been among the more aggressive organizations in terms of filing to protect phrases they endeavor to bring to market. The week before the Super Bowl, the team filed to trademark "Ignore The Noise." In recent years, they received trademarks to "Do Your Job" and "We are all Patriots."

The Kraft Group, the parent company of the team, recently received trademarks to "19-0" and "Perfect Season," nearly nine years after the New York Giants destroyed the Patriots' hope of accomplishing those goals after beating New England in Super Bowl XLII.