Patriots attempting to trademark 'unequivocally the sweetest'

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft said Tuesday night that winning Super Bowl LI was "unequivocally the sweetest" of his team's five titles because of the league's handling of Deflategate.

It wasn't the first time he used the phrase and it likely won't be the last.

The New England Patriots filed to trademark "Unequivocally The Sweetest" on April 17, records with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office show. The team wrote in its filing that the intended use of the phrase is for "pre-recorded DVDs featuring sports."

Kraft first used the phrase after he was presented with the Lombardi trophy by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, after his team defeated the Falcons 34-28 in overtime to win Super Bowl LI.

"I want to say to our fans, our brilliant coaching staff, our amazing players who are so spectacular, this is unequivocally the sweetest," Kraft said that night.

Since the game, the Patriots have been on a trademarking frenzy. The filed to trademark two of coach Bill Belichick's phrases: "No Days Off" and "Ignore The Noise." The team also filed to trademark "OneMore" and "Blitz For Six."

The team is one of the most active organizations in sports as far as trademarking phrases goes. The Patriots have trademarks to "Do Your Job," "The Patriot Way" and "We Are All Patriots," among others.

"I don't hold grudges, but I also don't forget anything," Kraft said at Bloomberg Breakaway, a summit for business leaders in New York. "Envy and jealousy are incurable diseases. I'm going into my 24th season as an owner. I'm passionate about owning a football team in my hometown.

"If I hadn't won, I would be so angry at our folks and thinking about what we'd have to do [to win a title]. So, our competitors, I understand how they brought pressure on the league office to be very strong and [lobbied] not to compromise on an issue that was nonsense and foolishness."