Josh Norman: Dez Bryant 'just a guy'; Odell Beckham Jr. 'a kid'

Josh Norman said in an interview with Bleacher Report that his battles with Dez Bryant and Odell Beckham Jr. will be even more heated this season and could result in "a lot of fines and maybe some suspensions."

The Washington Redskins cornerback had said he wanted to move beyond his personal battles with the receivers, but his comments in the Bleacher Report story published Thursday indicate otherwise.

"Trust me when I tell you, it's going to be bad blood this year. You think the NFC East didn't like each other before? This year right here? There's going to be a lot of fines and maybe some suspensions," he told the website.

"I'm going to be honest with you: This s--- is going to get really ugly. Because I do have a safety [D.J. Swearinger] that don't give a f--- and I definitely don't. And I know they don't have that many people on the offense who do on their side."

Asked what will happen if his matchups with Bryant and Beckham do turn "south," Norman said: "I'm letting all hell break loose."

Norman's most physical game against Beckham came on Dec. 20, 2015, when he was with the Carolina Panthers. Beckham drew four penalties (three personal fouls) in the game. Officials didn't eject him, but the NFL later suspended him for one game. Norman was hit with two separate fines for his role.

Norman and Bryant tangled with each other after a Week 12 game last season. Television replays appeared to show Norman taking a swing and throwing a towel at Bryant, and both players took verbal shots at each other after the game.

Norman told Bleacher Report that both Bryant and Beckham act tough but really aren't.

When asked about Bryant, Norman said the Dallas Cowboys receiver in his current form is "just a guy."

"He doesn't 'wow' you. For me, he don't. For other guys, he probably will do the worst to them because he'll bully them. But you can't bully a bully. You know what I'm saying? That's why his game doesn't resonate to me," Norman told Bleacher Report.

Asked about Beckham, Norman said the New York Giants receiver "tries to be a tough guy" who "does things that he normally wouldn't do because of all the pressure and added hype that he has to put on his whole persona." Norman said that if a cornerback plays physical against Beckham, it's easy to take him out of his game.

"When people get physical, tough, like the Minnesota game, he acts out. He's a kid. He's a big kid, man," Norman told Bleacher Report.

In a 24-10 loss to the Vikings last October in which he caught just three passes for 23 yards, Beckham was flagged for taunting cornerback Xavier Rhodes after he was hit late in the second quarter. Beckham appeared to say something to Rhodes and the official after the play. He was later fined $24,309.

Norman said that when he confronts Beckham, "you see a person who's actually not what they're made out to be" because he retaliates "and that's not him."

"They come back at you in a way like, 'He's not going to punk me! He's not going to sissy me out!' All right! But then when you go and you do things you're not accustomed to doing, that's pretty much what it is," Norman told the website.

Norman and Beckham played twice last season. The first game resulted in a quiet affair between the two. But not the second. In the first quarter of a season-ending loss, Beckham said something to Norman after they both ran out of bounds following a 12-yard catch. Later in that series, Norman threw Beckham to the ground after shoving him out of bounds following a reception at the Redskins' 7-yard line. Officials flagged Norman because Beckham was two yards out of bounds.

Then, in the third quarter, Norman retaliated to a hard block by Beckham -- they were aligned wide, away from the play -- and was flagged for a 15-yard penalty.

After the game, Beckham dismissed their rivalry.

"That has been dead for quite some time," he said. "Put that to an end."

ESPN's John Keim contributed to this report.