Dolphins set team goal to have 100 percent voter registration

DAVIE, Fla. -- The Miami Dolphins are aiming to have every player on their roster registered to vote in time for National Registration Day on Sept. 27.

If they achieve their goal, Bill Wachtel and Martin Luther King III of the Drum Major Institute said the Dolphins would be the first team in professional sports history to do so.

"The Dolphins are well on their way to being the first professional ball team in American history to have a roster of fully registered voters, and this is just the beginning," Wachtel said Thursday.

Wachtel and King, who have partnered with the RISE organization founded by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, attended the final day of the Dolphins' minicamp on Thursday to get unregistered players signed up.

According to Wachtel, the Dolphins already are at approximately 90 percent.

"The hope is that translates into encouraging more people across our nation to get engaged and to vote," said King, who is the son of the famous civil rights activist. "Because a voteless people, as Dad said, is a powerless people."

Wachtel is longtime friends with Ross, and the pair decided to work together on this idea. The Dolphins' goal is to influence other athletes and teams to register to vote.