The Franchise QBs: Final all-time rankings for all 32 teams

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Perhaps no athlete in sports is subject to more scrutiny than an NFL quarterback. The fortunes of a franchise either rise or fall based largely on who is receiving the snaps from center.

We identified the top all-time quarterbacks for every NFL team and asked our NFL Nation beat reporters -- and you, the fans -- to help us determine each signal-caller's place in franchise history.

Follow the links below for the final results for every team and each reporter's personal ranking:

AFC East

Buffalo Bills: No one in Bills history is as decorated as Jim Kelly. Beyond that, it gets interesting. Final rankings

Miami Dolphins: Should the record-setting passer or the two-time Super Bowl champion get the nod at No. 1? Final rankings

New England Patriots: We already know who the top dog is, but another debate beckons: Drew Bledsoe or Steve Grogan? Final rankings

New York Jets: Joe Namath's legacy remains, but beyond that, there are a lot of directions one can go. Final rankings

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens: Within Baltimore's young history, Joe Flacco stands out among the pack. But who's No. 2? Final rankings

Cincinnati Bengals: How does Andy Dalton stack up against Cincy legends Ken Anderson and Boomer Esiason? Final rankings

Cleveland Browns: Otto Graham remains the most decorated QB, but what about folk heroes such as Bernie Kosar and Brian Sipe? Final rankings

Pittsburgh Steelers: This one is quite the spirited debate: Terry Bradshaw or Ben Roethlisberger? Final rankings

AFC South

Houston Texans: Sixteen QBs have made a start since the team's inaugural season in 2002, but which one should lead the pack? Final rankings

Indianapolis Colts: Peyton Manning or Johnny Unitas? And where did Andrew Luck land? Final rankings

Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jaguars' field is such that, believe it or not, Blake Bortles has a case for inclusion. Final rankings

Tennessee Titans: From Warren Moon to Steve McNair, there's a lot to chew on. Did Marcus Mariota make the cut? Final rankings

AFC West

Denver Broncos: John Elway and Peyton Manning won Super Bowls in their final games. What about Craig Morton and Jake Plummer? Final rankings

Kansas City Chiefs: Len Dawson remains the gold standard nearly 40 years after bringing K.C. its only Super Bowl title, but he has some company. Final rankings

Los Angeles Chargers: Dan Fouts revolutionized the position in the "Air Coryell" era, but should Philip Rivers get the top spot? Final rankings

Oakland Raiders: No one embodied the Silver and Black better than Ken Stabler, but is he the greatest in team history? And where does Derek Carr rank? Final rankings

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys: This brought one of the more spirited debates: Roger Staubach or Troy Aikman? And where did Tony Romo land? Final rankings

New York Giants: From Y.A. Tittle to Phil Simms to Eli Manning, there's a lot to chew on in the G-Men's rich history. Final rankings

Philadelphia Eagles: Donovan McNabb and Ron Jaworski took Philly to the Super Bowl. They are two among a deep cast of characters. Final rankings

Washington Redskins: Where do you even begin with this one? Joe Theismann? Sammy Baugh? Sonny Jurgensen? Final rankings

NFC North

Chicago Bears: They haven't produced a Pro Bowl quarterback in three decades, which means we dug deep into the history books. Did Jay Cutler make the grade? Final rankings

Detroit Lions: Is it possible the greatest signal-caller in the Lions' 87-year history is the one currently under center? Final rankings

Green Bay Packers: This proved to be one of the more entertaining debates for No. 1 -- is it Aaron Rodgers? Brett Favre? Bart Starr? Final rankings

Minnesota Vikings: Does Fran Tarkenton's legacy still hold up after all these years? Even Brett Favre made this list. Final rankings

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons: Like several other teams, the Dirty Birds' best signal-caller might be the one currently taking snaps. Final rankings

Carolina Panthers: It has been a unique cast of characters under center in the team's first two decades. Are any of them better than Cam Newton? Final rankings

New Orleans Saints: Nobody has been more prolific than Drew Brees, but let's not forget about Archie Manning. Final rankings

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Some of the best defensive players in NFL history spent their careers in Tampa. Quarterbacks? That gets more interesting. Final rankings

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals: Kurt Warner brought the Cards to their only Super Bowl appearance in history, but where does Carson Palmer fit in? Final rankings

Los Angeles Rams: Could Kurt Warner potentially be the best-ever signal-caller for two different franchises? Final rankings

San Francisco 49ers: From John Brodie to Joe Montana to Steve Young, the Niners' QB history is rich. Final rankings

Seattle Seahawks: Matt Hasselbeck is the franchise's all-time leading passer, but Russell Wilson brought the Hawks their lone Super Bowl title. Final rankings