Richard Sherman downplays Seahawks strife, says Russell Wilson is 'phenomenal' teammate

Sherman has 'professional' relationship with Wilson (2:23)

Seahawks CB Richard Sherman joins Josina Anderson in Beverly Hills to discuss his relationship with QB Russell Wilson. (2:23)

Richard Sherman described his relationship with Russell Wilson as "professional" during a SportsCenter interview that aired Sunday and again downplayed the idea that the Seattle Seahawks have a fractured locker room going into the 2017 season.

"We're pros. We hang out from time to time. We get along. Everybody gets along," Sherman told ESPN's Josina Anderson. "But is my relationship with Russell the same as it is with Doug [Baldwin]? Or the same as it is with Bobby [Wagner]? No. But is his relationship with me the same as it is with Noe [Tyler Lockett] or [Justin] Britt? It's just different dynamics. But as teammates, we're phenomenal."

Sherman's comments come two months after an ESPN The Magazine story detailed the cornerback's inability to let go of the Seahawks' loss to the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX.

The story detailed a play during a 2014 practice in which Sherman intercepted Wilson, threw the ball back at him and yelled, "You f---ing suck!"

Sherman said the anecdote was "100 percent true" but argued that it simply illustrated the Seahawks' competitive practice environment.

Last month, Sherman addressed his relationship with Wilson and said the quarterback earned even more respect from his teammates by playing through injuries in 2016. Wilson said Sherman was one of the best teammates he could ask for.

The Seahawks' chemistry will be in the spotlight starting Sunday when the team opens training camp.

"Every single person on every single team doesn't hang out," Sherman said. "I don't see anybody getting mad that Tom [Brady] isn't hanging out with [cornerback] Malcolm Butler. Like, 'Hey Tom, you and Malcolm Butler hang out? You guys don't? Hmm ... what's going on there?' You know what I mean? What are we talking about here? They're trying to create a story that isn't there."