What's with the Rams' mismatched unis?

Andrew Dieb/Icon Sportswire

This is what it looks like "when your mom lets you dress yourself for school."

That was the type of response the Los Angeles Rams got to their uniforms on social media Sunday. It didn't take fans long to notice the clash between the team's helmet, which features white ram horns and a white face mask, and the blue jersey, which features gold numbers, a gold collar and gold shoulder stripes.

It looked like a mismatch of two different teams.

Some quick background: The Rams introduced the white-themed helmet this season. (The horns had previously been gold and the face mask was navy blue.) But they couldn't change their jerseys this year because of NFL rules regarding the timing of jersey alterations. They plan to do a full-scale uniform redesign when their new stadium opens in 2019. For now, they're stuck wearing the same jerseys they wore in St. Louis.

The Rams wore their white jerseys through all four preseason games and the first three weeks of the regular season, which have a small amount of gold trim that doesn't clash terribly with the new helmets. On Sunday, however, they were on the road in Dallas, where the Cowboys always wear white, leaving the Rams no choice but to wear blue.

That didn't work out too well, as fans on social media noted:

Six of the Rams' 12 remaining games are at home. Two of those will be throwback games, featuring the team's old royal-and-yellow uniform combination, and the Rams will where wear white for the other four home games. But of the six road games ahead, one stands out: Oct. 15 in Jacksonville, where the Jaguars often opt to wear white, which would force the Rams to once again wear blue. Beyond that date, fans likely won't have to endure this uniform combination again this season.

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