Some just-for-fun NFL trade deadline ideas

Schefter predicting a 'very unusual offseason' in NFL (1:16)

Adam Schefter details the abundance of quarterbacks who are set to become available this offseason and explains where that leaves Giants QB Eli Manning. (1:16)

This is not a hard report, just some fun speculation about trades that make sense, but in all probability won't get done.

The trades...

Martavis Bryant to the Bears for a fifth-round pick

The Bears add needed help at wide receiver, and the Steelers dump a headache, as Bryant continues to issue demands. Bryant can only hope Mitch Trubisky throws it a bit more than the seven (!) times he did last week, as the Bears beat the Panthers.

Teddy Bridgewater to the Cardinals for a conditional midround pick

With Carson Palmer most likely done for 2017 and entering his age-38 season, the Cardinals get a good look at Bridgewater and decide if they want to take a shot at him beyond this season. Case Keenum has been solid enough in a backup role for the Vikings that it's not an easy call to turn the ball over to Teddy -- who is currently not on the Vikings' books for 2018 -- amid a playoff run.

Marcell Dareus to the Cowboys for a fifth-round pick

The Bills were active this offseason and have one more move to make, clearing a huge dead cap figure for Dareus in 2018 and creating more cap flexibility. The Cowboys add talent to the interior of the defensive line and give Rod Marinelli a key piece down the stretch.

Jarvis Landry to the Jaguars for a second-round pick

The Dolphins face the prospect of giving Landry huge dollars or franchising him in 2018, and perhaps they extract some draft value instead. The Jags lost Allen Robinson about an hour into the season and could use the help now that they're in a playoff position. Suddenly, it's a win-now Jags team.

Duane Brown to Seahawks for a second-round pick

This is a wild card (aren't they all?), as the Seahawks would have to get really creative with cap money. But they aren't happy with their left tackle situation, and Brown isn't happy with his contract, as he just ended his holdout this week. The Texans have survived so far without Brown in 2017 and get some draft value in return for him, while Seattle gets a guy motivated to earn a new deal.

John Brown to the Bills for a fifth-round pick

A case where the Cardinals get something for Brown now, while the Bills get a weapon for a playoff run. Tyrod Taylor throws a great deep ball, and Brown can get behind a defense.

Matt Forte to the Ravens for a fifth-round pick

With just 39 carries this season, Forte hasn't been an integral part of the Jets' offense, so the Ravens add a sure-handed option on the cheap.