Aaron Rodgers says Anthony Barr gave him finger after hit

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Cameras caught Aaron Rodgers yelling at Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr after the hit that broke the Green Bay Packers quarterback's collarbone, but Rodgers said that's only one side of the story. Rodgers said the cameras never showed what Barr did.

"I looked over at him as I walked off the field. The cameras caught me saying something to him, but what they missed was him [giving the] finger, 'suck it' sign," Rodgers said during a TV appearance on TBS's Conan O'Brien show.

Multiple sources told ESPN that Barr grabbed his crotch after the hit. On the day after the hit, an NFL source said the league was not aware of any gestures and was not looking into what Barr did after the play.

The NFL has yet to comment on whether it would look into the matter now that someone has gone on the record with an accusation.

Rodgers appeared on "Conan" during the Packers' bye week after he underwent surgery Oct. 19 to repair his right clavicle.

"I rolled out to my right, I threw the ball, and I got tackled and kind of slammed on the ground. But I'm good now," Rodgers said on the show. "Thirteen screws later and here I am."

Later, he admitted to ESPN Wisconsin's Jason Wilde that he may have exaggerated about having 13 screws implanted during the surgery.

A week ago, Barr said he wasn't sure what Rodgers said to him.

"He wasn't happy, and I understand. He probably realized that he was injured at that time and he wasn't happy," Barr said. "I probably would have had that same reaction. It's fine."

Packers coach Mike McCarthy had called the hit "an illegal act" and "unnecessary."

"No one liked the way it happened," he said. "No one liked the things that happened after the injury, some of the bulls--- that went on there. No one feels good about that."

Rodgers was placed on injured reserve the day after the surgery. The Packers are holding out hope that he could return late in the season, but IR rules say that he must remain out for a minimum of eight weeks.

Rodgers would return only if the Packers are still in contention for a playoff berth. They were 4-1 entering the Week 6 game at Minnesota, where Brett Hundley finished the 23-10 loss. The Packers lost Hundley's first start Sunday against the New Orleans Saints to fall to 4-3.