Richie Incognito: 'Ridiculous' we're forced to play on four-day weeks

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Buffalo Bills guard Richie Incognito gave sharp criticism to the NFL's decision to have Thursday night games, following his team's 34-21 loss to the New York Jets.

"They suck," Incognito said of Thursday games. "They throw a wrench in our schedule. It's absolutely ridiculous that we have to do this. As physical as this game is, as much work and preparation that goes into this, to force us to play games on four-day weeks, it's completely unfair and bulls---. The league makes money off it, and that's all they care about anyway."

The Bills' offensive line gave up seven sacks on Tyrod Taylor, the most given up by Buffalo since Week 2 of the 2015 season. The Bills managed 63 rushing yards, their fewest since Week 4 of 2015.

Others in the Bills' locker room did not echo Incognito's gripe.

"I'm not gonna complain about it," center Eric Wood said. "Everybody's got to do it. I thought we were prepared. When the lights came on, we just didn't make enough plays."

Added coach Sean McDermott: "[The Jets] were challenged with the same short week as us and had the same amount of time to prepare, so give them credit."

The NFL has expanded its Thursday night package in recent years and scheduled 14 games on Thursdays this season.