Tom Coughlin supports Jalen Ramsey after fight in Bengals game

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jaguars executive vice president of football operations Tom Coughlin on Tuesday backed cornerback Jalen Ramsey after he was ejected during Sunday's victory over Cincinnati for fighting with Bengals receiver A.J. Green.

Coughlin said that Ramsey acted properly after Green grabbed him around the neck and threw him to the ground.

"I want to voice my support for Jalen Ramsey following the incident in our game on Sunday," Coughlin said in a statement. "Our players are instructed to not retaliate or get involved or do anything that would result in eviction because that would hurt the team. Team comes first, and Jalen was trying to not hurt his team. While he did push his opponent -- something that happened with other players during the game -- he did not retaliate, he threw no punches, and he did not fight back. Jalen was doing what Coach [Doug] Marrone has instructed him to do -- which is to play tough, be physical and to make every play difficult for his opponent. There was banter going back and forth during the game, but Jalen was playing football within the rules."

Ramsey and Green had been trash-talking throughout the first half, and things came to a head after a running play with less than 30 seconds to play. Green put his left arm on Ramsey's right shoulder after the play and Ramsey responded by shoving Green to the ground.

Green jumped back up, grabbed Ramsey around the neck, and threw him to the ground. Green punched Ramsey multiple times while they were both on the ground as players from both teams rushed to break up the fight. Jaguars linebacker Myles Jack was the first to reach the players and tried to pull Green off Ramsey. Almost every player from both teams ended up on the field in a pushing and shoving match that lasted for several minutes as officials tried to get things under control.

Wide receivers coach James Urban came out to escort Green off the field and into the locker room. As the Bengals came off the field, they were still barking at the Jaguars sideline as boos rained down.

Multiple sources told ESPN that Ramsey was seen being restrained by Jaguars personnel and EverBank Field security. He was spotted heading to the Bengals locker room area before being restrained and then yelled profanities at Bengals players and they walked to the field for the start of the second half.

The NFL on Monday did not suspend Green but Green and Ramsey will likely be fined.

This is the second time that Ramsey has been ejected for fighting in 24 career games. He also was ejected in last year's game against Oakland after he got into a post-play scuffle with Raiders receiver Johnny Holton. Ramsey had covered Green exclusively throughout the first half and limited him to one catch for 6 yards. Green had 38 catches for 572 yards and four touchdowns coming into the weekend.