Jalen Ramsey called A.J. Green 'weak,' 'soft' to get under WR's skin

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey wants to set the record straight about what he did, or didn't, say to Cincinnati Bengals receiver A.J. Green before the two got into a scuffle at the end of the first half of last Sunday's game.

Ramsey said his trash talking did not include any references to Green's personal life. However, he did admit to calling Green soft and mentally weak, but he said that isn't anything different than what he's said to any other receiver he's covered.

"It's rumors out there that I said some deep, some personal stuff," Ramsey said. "I'm going to let y'all know that's not true. I get out, I do my thing, I talk s---, but I don't go personal. I don't talk about nobody's wife, nobody's kids, nobody's family. I don't do that.

"I told him almost every play that he was weak, that he was soft. Them are straight facts. He just can't handle the truth. It's facts. I told him his time was almost up. I told him that it was easy, which it was. He had one catch for 6 yards. I was just out there spitting facts to him. He got mad."

Ramsey said he could tell he was getting to Green because the veteran wide receiver was trash talking back and that feeds right into what Ramsey tries to do to receivers every week.

"Y'all know how I play," Ramsey said. "I lock receivers down physically and then mentally I get into their mind, get under their skin. I talk my talk. Whatever I'm going to say.

"... Some people are mentally strong. He wasn't during that game. He wasn't mentally strong. I've talked to a few of his teammates afterwards, a couple guys I know, and they had told me, they were like, once A.J. started talking back we knew you had him because he don't ever talk."

Ramsey and Green had been trash talking back and forth throughout the first half, and things came to a head after a running play with less than 30 seconds to play. Green put his left arm on Ramsey's right shoulder after the play, and Ramsey responded by shoving Green to the ground.

Green jumped up, grabbed Ramsey around the neck and threw him to the ground. Green punched Ramsey multiple times while they were both on the ground as players from both teams rushed to break up the fight.

Ramsey and Green were ejected and Ramsey admitted that he did go to the Bengals' locker room area before being escorted away by stadium security to try to confront Green.

"I wanted my money's worth," Ramsey said. "I got kicked out for not doing anything. I did what the coaches and everybody told me not to do, not to fight back basically, just let him do whatever he was trying to do. I still got kicked out, so yeah, I wanted my money's worth."

Ramsey said he felt he shouldn't have been ejected from the game because his push that sparked the fight was not late and did not draw a flag. He also said he would have behaved differently during the fight had he known he was going to get ejected.

"That pissed me off, because like I said, I thought I did the right thing in the moment and I still got kicked out," Ramsey said. "If I knew I was going to get kicked out, I would have got active. It's cool. Now I know what to do in that situation. If I'm ever in that situation again, best believe I'm going to get active out there."