Cameron Jordan pokes fun at Cam Newton after Saints' win

METAIRIE, La. -- Cameron Jordan made good on his promise to send a bottle of wine to longtime rival Cam Newton as a mocking thank-you gesture after the New Orleans Saints completed a three-game sweep of the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.

"Who would I be if I don't follow through on my word?" the Saints' first-team All-Pro defensive end wrote in an Instagram story. The post contained a picture of the Jordan-brand wine bottle and a mailing label addressed to Newton at Panthers headquarters.

The "gift" is the latest in a growing trash-talking battle between the two Cams, who have been rivals since they were drafted in the first round in 2011.

Earlier this season, Jordan made fun of Newton's elaborate clothing choices by referring to his "grandma hat" and his "Coachella onesie" after the Saints' Week 3 victory. And when told that Newton's outfit was actually called a romper, Jordan replied, "The romp-him? We romped him good."

Later in the year, Newton said, "I didn't know he was a fan of my dress code. Honestly, he's paying attention. Nevertheless, that's flattering to me. If he wants to send me his address I can send him some sauce."

Jordan got the last word by making the game-saving play in Sunday's 31-26 victory over the Panthers in their wild-card playoff game -- plowing through two blockers to force an intentional grounding penalty (although Carolina coach Ron Rivera disagreed with the grounding call).

"You beat the Carolina Panthers three times in a year, I'm gonna have to send this guy a wine bottle. I appreciate him. So I'm gonna send him some sauce," Jordan said -- an obvious reference to Newton's earlier comments.

Jordan, an animated personality who has never shied away from the occasional bulletin-board material, also referred to Panthers offensive tackle Matt Kalil as "Speedbump McGee" after finishing Sunday's game with a sack, an assist on another sack and two batted passes.